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Business Training University Bundle

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(Monthly) Mastermind with Andy Audate - Every month Andy Audate will do a private group training and mastermind where you and your virtual assistant(s) may be apart of. During this 90 minute training, Andy will train on scaling your business, marketing, leadership, and new technologies designed for maximum efficiency and profitability. Attendance is optional.

Business Training University - A value-driven full-packed business training program, providing you the best in tips, and strategies to win in a highly competitive market. This online university reveals the strategic business secrets of the modern elite businessmen of our time. You will learn of the system that the 7 and 8 figure businessmen use in order to get their business to generate massive paychecks every pay date.

Progression Conference (VIP Ticket) - At a 1-Day Event, You Will Network with High-Level Business Owners, Learn How to Scale Your Business, Learn the Psychology Of Selling and You’ll Discover 13 Brand New Strategies To Build Your Strong Personal Brand. This ticket is transferable to other Progression Conference events.

Progress Daily Apparel Shirt - You will receive a Branded Progress Daily T-Shirt after being on the program for a consecutive Six Months.