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Mentorship Bundle

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Virtual Brand Marketing Summit - An Interactive Online Event that teaches you to start and scale your business.The perfect solution to you starting and growing your business and experiencing financial growth. It is a 2-day online video conference event that will teach you the right way to start and grow your business through marketing your brand online 

Progression Mentorship Program - In this 8-week Virtual Mentoring Program you get access to a weekly video conference group call with Andy. You’ll receive exclusive access to a network of other online members. Proximity is power and this mentorship program is an opportunity to connect directly with Andy Audate and his team to help you develop your business marketing strategy and hold you accountable to doing Social Media Client Acquisition. 

Progression Conference (VIP Ticket) - At a 1-Day Event, You Will Network with High Level Business Owners, Learn How to Scale Your Business, Learn Psychology Of Selling and You’ll Discover 13 Brand New Strategies To Build Your Strong Personal Brand. This ticket is transferable to other Progression Conference events. 

Bonus: 15+ Podcasts That Can Feature You (PDF) - You’ll receive a Spreadsheet with Names and Contact Details of over 15 Podcast Hosts that can market your brand to an estimated 50,000 potential clients. You will be responsible for contacting the podcast and scheduling the podcast recording. No guarantee or warranty on this group of podcasts as it is up to you and the podcast host to collaborate.