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Newly Hired Virtual Assistant Success Kit (Special Offer)

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Get Clients with a Landing Page (Video Course) - In This Online Video Course, You’ll learn step by step how to launch your landing page, Get opt-ins to generate leads, You’ll learn how you can turn leads into clients, You’ll learn how to use the necessary softwares to easily design your page. This training for You and Your Virtual Assistant.

55+ Online Growth Tools and Softwares (PDF) - You’ll receive a PDF of Tools such as Time Tracking, Calling Software, Messaging Tools, Video Calling, GFX Design, etc. that can be used for your Virtual Assistant.

How to Assign & Organize Tasks for Virtual Assistants Online Course - In this digital online course, you’ll discover how to work remotely with the support of a virtual assistant(s) , you will learn how to use video recording for task delegation, you will learn how to set up a Free task management account for project management and most importantly you’ll learn how to design a file storage and team collaborative system.

Social Media Best Practices (PDF) - In this digital PDF, you’ll learn Learn How to Be Relevant Online, You’ll learn how to Create a Content Schedule, You’ll Learn about the basis of Search Engine Optimization, You’ll learn about Drive Mass Awareness to Business. 

75+ Tasks Your VA Can Do (PDF) - In this digital PDF, You’ll learn to Create a 30-60-90 Day Outsourcing Plan, You’ll learn what a Virtual Executive Assistant is typically do, You’ll discover 6 Keys to Successful Delegation 

100+ Podcasts That Can Feature You (PDF) - You’ll receive a Spreadsheet with Names and Contact Details of over 100 Podcast Hosts that can market your brand to an estimated 50,000 potential clients. You will be responsible for contacting the podcast and scheduling the podcast recording. No guarantee or warranty on this group of podcasts as it is up to you and the podcast host to collaborate